Do you know that you have within you the power to change your life? You can decide to take control of your life right now, right this very moment. No, your past doesn’t matter. Your past does not define you and it can’t hinder your future unless you allow it to. You can create the life, lifestyle and business you desire to have and it all starts with having the proper mindset and self image.

I believe mindset is everything. What you believe is the determining factor for every decision you will ever make in your life. So mindset is the first thing that has to be dealt with in order to create a lifestyle that is positive, productive and successful. You have to first get rid of the “stinkin thinkin” so that you can even envision a life far beyond where you find yourself today. You must also have the correct self image otherwise you are at risk of giving up and falling back into the same old habits at the first sign of failure, familiarity, frustration or difficulty.

Mindset is the first key to being able to move forward when it comes to life in general. If you have a negative mindset, scarcity mindset or poverty mindset you will stay stuck and likely make bad decisions and use poor judgement in life. Having a positive mindset, a stable mindset, and good mental health will aid you in making good sound decisions and using good judgement which will enable you to create a successful and healthy lifestyle. When you have the right mindset it enable you to dream big and to aim high.

Knowing your true identity and having the right self image is the second key to being able to create a lifestyle of wellness. Not knowing your true identity causes you to wander aimlessly through life with no purpose and no vision for life. Knowing who you truly are, discovering your purpose in life and finding out what you have a right to as children of God will give new meaning to your life. God created you with purpose. He has great plans for you and He wants you to know those plans. He wants to give you vision for life.

Are you ready to get new perspective on life and new vision? Are you ready to climb to heights that you never really thought you could? Are you ready to work on you? It’s only a decision away. Stop doubting yourself. Stop believing the lies that you’ve been fed all of your life. You do matter and you were created to achieve great things.


It’s Time To Live The Life You Envision.

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Amanda Brothers

Evangelist and Christian Mindset and Identity Coach