“Forgive, Your Way to Freedom: A Biblical Perspective”

This workbook will walk you through some simple steps to help you to:

  • recognize areas of unforgiveness in your heart
  • be able to freely forgive
  • recognize how much God loves you and
  • be able to receive the love and forgiveness that He and others offer so that you can unlock the blessings God has for you that have been held up by unforgiveness.

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Glenda Peglau

"I thought the content and exercises were straight to the point and thorough. I can tell you have counseled ALOT of people I know how very important forgiveness is! I think your workbook is one of the best I’ve seen! And I’ve seen many. I know how freeing deep forgiveness is so your work is so important."

Amanda Brothers, Evangelist and Christian Mindset and Identity Coach

Amanda Brothers is an Evangelist and Christian Mindset and Identity Coach with a bachelors degree and 13+ yrs experience in the human services field. She is coaching women globally who are ready for change to go from living a lifestyle of defeat to living a life of victory ~ one day at a time; supporting them in developing a Kingdom mindset so that they can gain the knowledge and self-confidence they need to deal with life’s challenges, overcome negative self-limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and fears and step into their power to create change.

She is like a wrecking ball crashing through walls of deception and demolishing strongholds of the mind.

As a result of working with her you will become the owner of your hope, one day at a time.

Ready to start owning your hope, one day at a time?